[quote]Have had excellent service and would highly recommend this company! — S. B.[/quote]

[quote]After jumping around from Pool Company to Pool Company we have finally found one that offers the best service and advice around. The cost of maintaining our pool has dropped drastically over the past two years with the guidance they have provided. Do yourself a favor and switch today. — M. H.[/quote]

[quote]Excellent pool company. Very consistent with weekly cleaning services. Also, had a recent pump issue. Technician showed up the day I called and got a quote back to me around 5:30 that afternoon to discuss repairing. Part was in the next day and they installed right away. Less than 24 hour turnaround. Highly recommend this company. — G. P.[/quote]

[quote]Our pool recently had a weird powdery substance floating in it. ASP quickly came out, cleaned out the substance, diagnosed the problem, corrected it, and it hasn’t been back since. Thank you! — J. D.[/quote]

[quote]Could not be happier with our pool service. ASP is great. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The pool is kept in great condition and they are quick to help us address problems when they come up. — M. P.[/quote]

[quote]As a pool owner for 9 years, I can highly recommend ASP Pools. The knowledgeable and caring staff at ASP took on the challenge of my “problem pool” four months ago. I was frustrated and out of answers after trying for two years (with another local pool company) to get my pool healthy and stain free. A friend recommended calling Gordy Pease at ASP. Gordy promptly came to my house and spent 1 1/2 hours consulting with me, listening to my concerns and learning the history of my pool and its problem with chronic staining. He assured me that he would do whatever it took to make me love being a pool owner again. Gordy and the ASP staff were diligent in treating my pool, consulting with me each step of the way, and truly let me know that my satisfaction was important to them. I have been impressed with the professionalism, courteousness and personal attentiveness of each and everyone at ASP and have no doubt that I am doing business with the best pool company in Columbus! Oh, and by the way…no more stains!  — B. L.[/quote]

[quote]Highly recommend ASP. My pool always looks great and they are on top of servicing issues as they arise. Recently, my pool pump went out. The technician was at my house the afternoon I called about the issue. They assessed the problem, got me quotes the next morning and had the pump repaired within 48 hours. Top notch service company![/quote]

[quote]I contacted ASP for a new liner/Sand/and timers in Columbus, GA. They were completely professional and provided me outstanding service. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and returned my calls promptly. I would tell anyone that the VALUE I received from ASP is worth every penny. This is the way a pool company should operate. I recommend this company highly![/quote]


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